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So I accidentally took a photo of Tony…


So I accidentally took a photo of Tony…


i-got-oil-in-my-blood replied to your post “outofcurriculum; yo if y ALL WANT MY SKYPE YOU CAN HAVE IT OKAY mine…”

//we can’t make any promises

That doesn’t sound like someone that wants to talk to me BI

By that I mean I can’t make any promises,

but then again I laugh at everything.

Hi I’m Maddie and I have a pug.

Wanna see my pug.

I go get picture.

why do i gain so much enjoyment from making roxie’s life hell

Anonymous said: Pssst, Roxe likes Gord pass it on.



You shut the fuck up.

roxie what is your obsession with gord

i know you love him but GOD

I heard Gord was doing something.

somewhere off in the distance Ava is just like ‘yes no greasers’

Hello, friends.

I’m Maddie, and uh, weird question, but have you been here long?

We’ve all been kinda busy so none of us noticed I think.

I’m refraining myself from using caps because apparently that gives out a wrong impression, but just for future reference I am pretty much always in caps.

I also have 4 muses here and no I don’t have a problem, I’m looking for a 5th actually, then I will be pleased.

Anyway, welcome.

If you are part of the BULLY fandom, rp that is, could you please reblog this post?

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